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You would play by walking through the hallway and entering the door on the other end. But passing that threshold simply takes you back to the beginning of the hallway. Kojima and his team would use this repetition to make the space feel familiar, and then it would use that familiarity to spring surprises on you. Unreal PT includes all of the gameplay elements of the original.

It does not, however, include the big teaser trailer reveal at the end. Upcoming Sponsor Media Partner Got a news tip? The finished product looks like it is close to indistinguishable from the original and features almost all of the key events from the original. Qureshi would love it if everyone could download and play his fan tribute, but the popularity of his creation has crashed the download link that he setup. He plans to repost the download for Mac, PC, and Linux once the server recovers from the sudden burst of traffic. Although we would love to see Silent Hills actually get a full release, it has been a lot of fun watching the rest off the video game community react to and be inspired by the short demo.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a new era for the survival horror genre. What do you think of Qureshi's detailed remake? Will you be downloading it once it is available again? Let us know if the comments. Silent Hills has been cancelled and is no longer scheduled for release.

A P.T. adaptation for Windows

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Best Silent Hill images in | Silent hill, Silent hill 2, Silent hill art

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Silent Insanity - P.T. Windows, Android, AndroidTab game

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SwitchedOff Member. Oct 28, 1, I wonder how long it'll be before Konami have this removed? TheCongressman Member.

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Oohhh boy. Well I'll never play it in VR because I could barely bring myself to walk around in the original, but this is so cool. Conkerkid11 Avenger. Oct 25, 6, This is definitely the best remake I've played of it so far.

NEW - P.T coming to PlayStation. Download the demo NOW

Pretty much flawless, whereas iirc, the last big one that released didn't even do the loop right and that guy got hired by Konami, right? Eggiem Member. Oct 27, 3, Germany. SwitchedOff said:. Oct 30, 4, PT in VR? Nov 25, Definitely gonna give this a try on my Vive after work today. Fucking terrified though because I have to exit out of it when playing the non-VR version. And for those who haven't played horror games in VR I liken it to a bad dream or nightmare.

Except more vivid. You know, those dreams where something scares you so badly that your heart somersaults out of your chest and wakes you the fuck up. I actually got a massive headache once from being jumpscared in VR lol, the whiplash was real.

  • Silent Hills' P.T. teaser is now playable on PC thanks to fan remakes;
  • ‘Allison Road’ is a ‘PT’ Inspired Blood Curdling Survival Horror VR Game, Kickstarter Now Live.
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Here's the exact jumpscare in a video I made a year ago I can only imagine how insanely scared and apprehensive I'm going to be while taking baby steps through the hallways of P. Afro Member. No edits. The chromatic aberration is just too strong, although I get it's meant to add to the creepiness. Patitoloco Member. Oct 27, 4, Whompa Banned. Oct 26, 4, I don't think I'd be able to handle this in VR.

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Nycteris Member. Jun 19, I assume that the developer played this game 2. I feel sorry for him. My heart couldn't take that much. Letters Avenger. Oct 27, This is brilliant. Can't play for more than a couple of minutes before chickening out just like in the ps4 version, but I'm glad a great pc version is on the internet forever now. Afrikan Member. Oct 28, 4, Believe it or not, I've done a good job of avoiding spoilers for P.

Silent Hills PT

Wow oh wow. Unless some who have played the original convince me not to. Is it a one to one experience? Or have corners been cut that it doesn't replicate the original experience. Ravio-li Member. Dec 24, Thanks, downloaded it in case this gets deleted. But in VR? I haven't played or seen the original, nor have I played any other horror VR games.