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If you work with motion and photos or are a graphic designer for whom color accuracy is critical, the Mac Pro is for you. With its fast processor, dual graphics cards, and ability to handle multiple screens, the Mac Pro is a flexible and customizable option. If you need to work in 4K, dual AMD FirePro graphics processors give you the capability to run eight picture-in-picture streams of 4K video at once. Often a must-have for designers of all types is a Wacom tablet. For ultimate control, Wacom makes the Cintiq and Cintiq Pro tablets that come in multiple size variations.

Their touch screens are pressure sensitive to allow you to edit images directly using the Pro Pen. You can also touch to pan, zoom, rotate, or activate on-screen controls. Skip to main content. Apple Mac Pro Desktop Computer. So mostly I want something that can keep up with running those programs with thousands of images in my catalog files and a lovely glossy screen that presents the files the way the final print will actually look. Of course my Adobe programs were miniature when I tried to run them upon setup, something with the monitors not reading the software correctly?

So he got returned promptly. Apparently I should have researched more before purchasing. Anyone have a favorite equipped PC or a screen that feels similar to the Mac?

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Nor the price tag, I agree that outfitting a PC correctly will end up around the same cost as the Mac. Roberto Blake.

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  4. I actually have a ton of advice on this exact thing and specific model recommendations over on my YouTube channel. What I will say is when it comes to color accuracy, whether going with a PC or a Mac the right answer is going to be a color calibrator like the ColorMunkie Display or Smile. As anyone who has ever been an avid gamer will tell you, Asus is solid when it comes to hardware and visuals.

    Top 15 Free Mac Apps for Graphic Designers

    The two primary machines I use each and every day are my Asus laptop and my iMac desktop. What I will say is that like Adobe, Microsoft has done a great job with their subscription model software and its compatibility across multiple platforms. If a Macbook Pro feels like overkill, consider getting a solid Asus laptop and you should be fine.

    Your phone is powerful, but it’s not a Mac

    What I would really like to know, especially from a designer that uses both, is whether there is any compatibility issues between Mac and PC, like illustrator files, fonts etc There are fonts only specific to Mac and to PC?? I have always used Windows, and only ever really used a Mac at University. And as others have pointed out here, if you buy a PC similar to a Mac quality wise, you end up paying more for the PC. True, it had all the same features as the Mac version, but unfortunately it crashed 11 times in one hour I counted them!

    I crossed my fingers that Apple would be ok, and thankfully it all worked out pretty well with Steve Jobs back at the helm. I have read all the responses and it is clear that many are still prejudiced against PCs for creative work.

    Everything you need to know to pick the best computer for graphic design.

    I have a question then. I am a high-school art teacher. We are looking at setting up a new lab at school. Would we be disadvantaging our students if we stuck with PC? Is the prejudice still so ingrained in the industry that they would struggle to get a foot in the door? If they are going to work at an ad agency or media company they will likely be in a Mac environment. However if they work for a commercial company that is not media or tech based they will not be given a Mac or made special because they are a designer, they will be made to work on a Windows PC like everyone else in the company.

    So the question becomes what you are positioning them to do. On the other hand most will have a PC at home or access to one and not have access to a Mac. Being educated and comfortable to work on both is ideal. This was an interesting read. I remember at university pretty much everyone had a Macbook, and I had a 2-year old Windows laptop. Everyone thought I was an idiot, until we compared specs, and it turned out my 2-year old laptop performed better than even the top end newest Macbook at the time.

    I totally understand your points about gamers. I use my laptop for gaming, animation, and dealing with HUGE files a lot, so for me, the more power I can get for my money, the better. Plus the ability to actually take the laptop apart and add more RAM, replace the hard drives, etc, is a good bonus. I liked your point about designers choosing Mac because of tradition.

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    I think we can all agree there was a time when Macs were pretty much the only way to do design work digitally. The no issues with viruses and malware is false.

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    7. Igor Freiberger. My path is the opposite as I used just Windows during 18 years before switching to Mac 3 years ago. The edge on performance Mac once had is not relevant anymore, but a number of other factors still make me prefer the Apple platform:. Much less time consumed with OS updates, adjusts and corrections; No issues with viruses and malware; QuickLook; Native PDF support; An app uninstall does not disrupts the OS; Font editors; Better Touch Tool; PopClip; Quiver; My 3-year old MBPr is still a top device with good resale value.

      I would disagree with number 1 since most of those updates can be done when you are inactive and Mac OS still has OS updates as well. As for Number 2 that is a myth for the most part. Great post. I was looking for an article like this that breaks it down. I seem to have more problems than I need when it comes to using Windows to create and design.

      What would you suggest purchasing for a first time Mac user? Erik Nanstiel. Before windows, I never needed an IT guy. I knew my mac inside and out and could fix any problems it had. The whole building! Every employee, and not just the designers, were using macs. I am so happy to see a more recent discussion on this from a legitimate graphic designer. About 10 years ago I was shadowing someone whom I was replacing at a company, and said person was telling me about the pros and cons of whom I was working for.

      If I ran into less who acted like they were part of some clique, I may actually consider one for giggles. There are actually a lot of creatives who feel that way too and feel they will not be take seriously if they are not in the Apple club. If you work at an agency or media based company the odds are you will be on Mac. I just recieved an Alienware PC 2 weeks ago. I have an i7 processor and added 2 of the 6g video cards. Is this computer not capable of working smoothly with the Adobe Suite? It is probably not the computer some much as the settings or configuration.

      How to Choose a Mac Laptop for Graphic Design

      Early days huge difference and no question. In blurred lines in many cases, but mostly when you need it to work and you are your own IT, use the product built for it. Professional equipment out of the box, with super high reliability and as mentioned above concerning IT issues Apple has it hands down.

      The pro end video editing tools for Macs are great but the PC still is the standard for broadcast multimedia… the old timers stick with what they know and PC for broadcast used to be a must, but today it is not an issue most of the time. By the time you upgrade the PC with the higher quality parts you spend roughly the same money, but on the plus side you will learn all about rebuilding, tweaking and generally becoming a part time PC tech.